Environment Variables

TCMS uses environment variables to define the test hardware setup. The Environment Group is the top level container object, it contains one or more Properties, each having a range of values. Properties can belong to more than one group.

Group Property Value
Desktops Architecture i386, x86_64, PPC
  Memory (MB) 512, 1024, 2048, 4096

Managing environment groups

A group is the container object in an environment. It allows a Test Plan to be targeted to a specific set of hardware and hence provides greater repeatability in testing.

Searching environment groups

Environment groups can be searched for by name.

Procedure: Searching environment groups

To search an environment group:

  1. From the ENVIRONMENT tab, click Groups.

    The Environment menu 1

  2. Enter the search parameters, and then click Search Environment Group.


Adding a new group

Adding a group uses the Edit Group screen.

Procedure: Adding a new group.


  2. Click Add New Group.

    The Add New Group button

  3. Enter Group Name.

    The Environment Group name screen

  4. In the Edit Environment Group screen, perform the following actions:

    • Select Enabled.
    • In the Available Properties box, select the property to add, and then click Add. Repeat this process to add more properties.

    The Environment Group Edit screen

  5. Click Save.


To edit existing, or create new properties, click Edit Properties.

Editing an environment group

An environment group can only be edited by authenticated users.

Procedure: Edit an environment group

To edit an environment group:


  2. From the Actions column, click Edit.

    The Edit link

  3. Edit the fields as required:

    • Environment Group Name
    • Enabled checkbox
    • Properties list
  4. Click Save.

Deleting a group

Groups can not be deleted. A group that is no longer required must be disabled.

Procedure: Disabling a group

To disable a group:

  1. From the ENVIRONMENT menu, click Groups.

  2. From the Group list, click Disable.

    The disable button

    The group name will change to a strike through font.

    Disabled group

To re-activate a group, click Enable.

Managing environment properties

Environment properties and their associated values can be used in multiple environment groups. When creating values ensure that they are discrete measurable properties. For example, screen resolution should be ‘1920x1200’ rather than ‘24 inch widescreen’.

Add a property

Procedure: Adding an environment property

To add an environment property:

  1. From the ENVIRONMENT tab, click Properties.

  2. Click Add.

    The Add button

  3. Enter the New Property Name ensuring that the property name is descriptive, and then click Ok.

  4. Select the new property. The row containing the property will become orange.

  5. In the Values text box, enter the property value. Click Add Value.

    The Add Value button

    The new value is now displayed.

Property with new value

Editing a Property

Procedure: Editing an environment property

To edit an environment property:

  1. From the ENVIRONMENT tab, click Properties.
  2. Renaming:
    • Click Rename.
    • Enter the New Property Name, and then click Ok.
  3. Edit values:
    • In the row containing the value, click Rename.
    • Enter the new Value, and then click Ok.