“If it is not in the TCMS then we do not do it”, and the converse: “If we do it then it is in the TCMS”.

The above motto has been the paradigm driving the development of the TCMS. The development team has created a canonical source of information about testing that is useful to both managers and QE Associates.

The TCMS provides:

  • Managers with a source of information on planning, cases and execution status.
  • Reproducibility across planning, cases and execution.
  • Audit traceability.
  • Increased productivity - Associates are able to identify and work on gaps in product coverage.

Getting to know the TCMS home page

The home page is the principal section of the TCMS. It provides quick access to assigned Test Runs and Test Plans. This section explains the features accessible from the home page.

The TCMS home page

  1. Menu bar
  2. Bookmarks, Basic information and Recent tabs
  3. Test Run list
  4. Test Plan list
  5. Quick and Advanced search
  6. User Guide

Menu bar

The menu bar consists of six main menu items. When you hover over a menu item, a sub-menu appears. The first item in the sub-menu is the default page for the main menu item. To navigate to a previous screen, click on the breadcrumb located below the menu bar.

The TCMS menu bar and breadcrumbs

  • Home
  • Planning
    • Search Plans
    • My Plans
    • New Plan
  • Testing
    • Search Runs
    • Search Cases
    • My Runs
    • New Case
  • Environment
    • Groups
    • Properties
  • Reporting
    • Overall
    • Custom
    • Testing Report
  • Admin
    • Auth
    • Management
    • Test Plans
    • Test Cases
  • Quick Search
  • Advanced Search


Any page in TCMS can be bookmarked.

  • Click the Bookmarks tab from the Home to view your bookmarks.
  • Click Bookmark this page to add the current page to your bookmarks.

Basic information

TCMS stores basic user profile information. For example, email, IRC nick, and contact details.

Procedure: Editing basic information

  1. From the Home screen, click Basic information.
  2. Edit the required fields.
  3. Click Save Change.

Test Runs

The home screen contains a list of Test Runs associated with the user and a graphical display showing completion status. To access a Test Plan, click the Test Run’s name.

Test Plans

The home screen contains a list of Test Plans associated with the user. To access a Test Plan, click the Test Plan’s name.