Report an Issue

Security Issues

If you think that an issue with nitrate may have security implications, please do not publically report it in the bug tracker, mailing lists, or IRC. Nitrate has a dedicated process for handling (potential) security issues that should be used instead. So if your issue has security implications, ignore the rest of this page and follow the security process instead.

General Issues

We use Github issues to manage various kinds of issues. If you have any good idea, or catch a bug, please do create an issue with much details so that everybody from community could understand and get involved into the discussion easily. Also, an issue with much details can help developers to know the problem deeply and make a proper solution finally.

Before you file an issue, a good practice is to search issues to see whether any others have same or similar problems. Avoid duplicated issues will always benifit users and developers. If there is, join the discussion, give your use cases or reproduce steps.

We categorize issues into

  • enhancement

  • bug

  • feature request

  • question

Please choose a proper one for your issue.

If you decide to write code, though, before you begin please read the contributor guidelines, especially the first point: “Discuss any large changes on the mailing list first. Post patches early and listen to feedback.” Few development experiences are more discouraging than spending a bunch of time writing a patch only to have someone point out a better approach on list.

Template of a successful bug report

Description of problem:

Version-Release number of selected component (if applicable):

How reproducible:

Steps to Reproduce:

Actual results:

Expected results:

Additional info: